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Experienced Piano Movers in Victoria, BC


At Provincial Moving & Storage, we love to move BC’s pianos! We move everything from spinets and uprights to concert grand pianos, and we never charge extra for stairs, as some movers do.


Piano moving requires a minimum of two men and our powerlift five-ton truck. Our competitive rate is $170/hour, a flat-rate fuel surcharge based on your location, plus GST for two men and a truck, and $195/hour, a flat-rate surcharge based on your location, plus GST for three men and a truck.


Piano moving is different from all other forms of moving due to the weight, size, and delicate nature of the piano. But our many satisfied customers testify to our attention to detail over our many successful piano moves.


Victoria Piano Movers


Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment, or simply moving a piano to another location, you should ask a professional moving service to help avoid unnecessary, careless mistakes. Our professional and experienced piano movers will safely move your piano no matter the size or weight. We have an extensive experience in the relocation of all types of pianos. The age, weight, or sensitivity of your piano isn’t a problem for our team at all; they will help you relocate your piano safely without any scratches or damage. Our special piano moving equipment and time-tested moving techniques will alleviate any stress from your piano move, and you can be confident that the piano delivery will be carried out properly, and efficiently. To get a glimpse of our professionalism take a look at our gallery page.


Our Reliable Piano Movers


At Provincial Moving & Storage Ltd, we take great pride in our teamwork. Our piano movers in Victoria work with side by side with our clients and listen to all your special requests carefully. You can be sure that when our movers arrive at your place the job will be done quickly, safely and efficiently. With our piano moving services in Victoria, you can be confident that only professional and experienced movers are assigned in order to make sure that the highest level of care will be devoted to each move.


Call us today to arrange for your piano move.


Are you looking for reliable piano movers in Victoria?

Provincial Moving & Storage Ltd has 15+ years’ experience providing BC, Alberta and Vancouver Island with prompt and reliable local and long distance moving service.

Your Local Mover

Contact us at:

Provincial Moving & Storage

250-588-8898 | Victoria, BC

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