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Getting Ready for Your Move in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Here are some helpful pieces of advice for making the most of your moving day and your movers!

On Packing Day

  • Make sure the movers have available space to work in and clear paths to the door for loading
  • Inform movers about items that are fragile or valuable
  • Be available to point out and answer questions about what items are going and what items are staying, if any

On Moving-Out Day

  • Plan to stay at the house until the moving van has departed
  • When loading is complete, tour the house with your move supervisor, sign your bill of lading, and confirm your new address and delivery date
  • Check destination contact phone numbers, both yours and the mover’s
  • Perform a final inspection to make sure there are no overlooked items
  • Make sure windows and doors are locked, utilities are disconnected, transferred, or turned off, keys are transferred and lights are turned out

On Moving-In Day

  • Plan to be at your new home a day ahead of the moving van to verify that utilities are operating and that you have planned where furniture should be placed
  • As items are unloaded, check them against your inventory
  • Make arrangements to get your appliances installed
  • Confirm delivery of all items with movers

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